Anonymously Bet on Friends & Celebrities


How It Works & Tips

Forever|NOT is a social gaming application that enables you to bet on the relationship status of your friends and favorite celebrities!
It's your chance to anonymous give feedback to those couples that you support or dislike!
Now you will know what your friends really think about your relationship status through the real time F|N Score!


- Login with Facebook
- Invite your friends
- Swipe left for "FOREVER" in love
- Swipe right for "NOT" so much
- View your payout odds daily
- Track the couples: view photos and F|N Relationship Scores 
- Monitor the couples and bet often!
- Review celebrity profiles to catch the latest headlines and photos
- After 30 days, get paid out with chips and keep betting!
1. Don't fight in public!
2. Tell your friends all the great things your significant other does for you (if they don't, fake it!)
3. Send flowers to your girlfriend at work or school so everyone else sees
4. Message your friends that you support their relationship and invite them to bet on yours
5. PDA is GOOD
- Win
- Invite friends
- Tweet at celebrities
- Message Friends that you support their relationships
- Purchase Chips

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ForeverNOT Inc is a social gaming development studio that designs awesome apps for the iOS, Android and Web platforms. We strive to create fun and interactive social games that enable you to compete and collect feedback from your friends.  

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What You Win?
- More Chips*
- Recognition as a relationship predictor amoung your friends
- Bragging Right
*No cash payout in Social Gambling

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